CNC Glass Drilling Machine
CNC Glass Drilling Machine

-- Brief Description
CNC Glass drilling machine is a cold processing machine which is easy to drill holes on sheets of glass and is equipped with upper and lower drilling bit.
An automatic cylinder drives the lower-drill bit while the upper bit is operated by manual.
Holes of different sizes can be achieved with bits of different diameters.
This machine works efficiently, it has low glass damage and is easy to operate.

Description Parameters        
The Cycle of Drilling Hole ø10mm hole (data provided buyer)
ø20mm hole (data provided buyer)
Ball Screw Propulsion Speed  Z1 Z2 axis     0-3 mm/s
Overall Size       2700 (L) x 2000(W) x 1700(H) mm
The Height of the Table       950±50 mm
Processing Glass Thickness       5-12 mm
Processing Depth       900 mm
  Model No.     A15-1A-BX800 mm
Buyer Offering Power    Voltage  3x380V/50Hz/3.5kW  
       Connector 3/8  
  Air Pressure   Pressure ≥6.0  
      Flow 20  m³/h

Main features