High Speed Double Edger
High Speed Double Edger

Hanglstech High Speed Double Edging Grinding Machine is the Masterpiece of ever in the Field. Designed to meet the needs of large companies producing big batches, but also small-scale starters who decide to invest in the growth of their business and the evolution of the production process, obtaining high-quality results with limited outlay.

Independent High Speed Spindle         
Revolutionary Spindle

The Independent High Speed Spindles increase the speed at the wheels
thus to increase the effeiciency at lower power consumption. The spindles
also bring the benefits to the working life of motors as well as the finishing effects.
Brief Description
Full automatic Double Edger Line can process four edges of glass at the same time, it’s suitable for Architectural Glass, Furnuture Glass, Home Appliance, Shower Doors, Solar Glass and etc..We have 10 / 11 / 12 / 13 Spindles each side, can equip with Diamond Wheels Auto Compensation System and Auto Polishing System, which can realize full automatic production line and achieve better grinding quality. 
Automatic Size Detection Table and Bar-code Control system are avaible for your choices, no need to adjust from time to time. Greatly improved productivity while processing different sizes of glass. 
Width Adjustment takes high precision ball screw structure, and Size-changing Speed can go up to 7m/min, both speed and precision are well guaranteed. Rough Grinding Speed can go up to 15m/min, productivity is 2 times higher than normal Double Edger.
Also it can connect with Cutting Line, Loading Table, On-line Corner Grinding Machine, On-line Drilling Machine, Washing Machine and other Machines, achieving Full Automatic Production, greatly reduced labor cost and error rate.
  Main Technical Parametes
Description Parameters   Description Parameters
Model No. HSM2045P/ HSM2025Q   Glass Diagonal Tolerance (mm) ≤0.5mm/m
Transmission Speed (m/min) 1-15m/min   Installed Power (kW) 50kW for each set
Size-changing Speed (m/min) 7m/min   Voltage 380V / 50Hz or customized
Glass Thickness (mm) 3-30mm / 40mm as an Option   Compressed Air Input(Mpa) 0.4-0.8
Glass Width (mm) 300-4500mm / 300-2500mm   Overall Noise (measured from the body 1m) 70dB
Chamfer Width (mm) 1-3mm   Humidity 20-95%RH
Chamfer Tolerance (mm) ≤0.2mm   Temperature -10-50℃
Glass Parallel Tolerance (mm) ≤0.2mm/m      

Main features
Auto Polishing Compensation
Optical Sensor Size Measuring
Production Management System