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SGU is a company specialized in Glass Pre-precessing machinery. We bring and create the value to our customers by offering one-stop and hassle free solution. We dedicate to conquering the industrial pain points such as applicability, afer-sales service and cost-efficiency, we do the customer care since the 1st stage - Consultancy and Planning until the After-sales service even the upgrading of previous machines, we are keen on making every penny of our customers' investment with return. Through years of serving the international market, there are many significant projects were completed with us around the world, we have also built up a proficient team with functions of Consultancy, Engineering, Servicing, Logistics and Marketing via the practices.

Everything provided by SGU is with the quality guarantee and the quick-respond guarantee, 24 hours after-sales services are available for life long.

Everything could be easier when work with us! All you have to do is to tell us what you need, our responsible professionals will come to you with complete solution shortly.

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